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oh hi!

About me

I'm an almost Ph.D. in Psychology turned tech entrepreneur. I'm obsessed about making products and companies that bring people together to get better.

A bit more on my journey

After leaving graduate school without completing my degree, I became a business analyst at one of the biggest tech companies in the world.

But I'm weird. I can only work on projects that I find interesting and exciting. So I quit my job as a business analyst to help build a new company, Habitry, after scheming for a few months with two people that I met on the internet 🌝

At Habitry our mission was to "help the most people help the most people." Growing Habitry was the beginning of my real-world education in starting-up, building software, and teaching customers how to succeed. We built a SaaS platform to democratize access to coaching. We scaled behavior change with peer-to-peer coaching. Spoiler: we made all the classic startup mistakes, had some success, and sold the platform in 2017.

What I'm up to now

These days I'm at Ten Thousand Coffees, where we're building a platform that helps organizations unlock trapped knowledge by connecting people across silos for learning conversations.

On here, I'll be writing about how to use first principles from psychology to build better products and relationships with people.